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NOVEMBER 22, 2020 Deep Wood: A Mountain Daddy Romance By Margot Scott

My old buddy’s gone and thrown me a curveball: the nymph with the ass that won’t quit? That’s his eighteen-year-old little girl. She’s running from something, but I’m not about to let anyone lay a finger on this green-eyed angel.

If they weren't so stubborn, they just might fall in love...Elayna's helping nature isn't doing her any favors. Worn thin, she vows to say no to any additional commitments for the day. How could she have foreseen that Kayson Blake, the billionaire owner of her company, would show up in need of a sim...

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One tattooed bad boy + The curvy babe who got away = One sizzling reunion! Going to my high school reunion is not normally be something I'd even consider. But. I'll put my business empire on hold, just for the chance to see Terri again. Curvy Terri was the only thing (aside from Biology class) that ...

Armed with a journal and a fancy pen, can a shy girl manifest a man? Allie: Manifestation is bringing something into reality by your actions or beliefs. So if I get my plan straight in my journal, a boyfriend should appear. Easy. (I hope.) I just have to be brave, and always stick to the plan. Lov...

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NOVEMBER 10, 2020 Will (Men of A Corps Book 5) By Olivia Sinclair

A Dad's best friend, military romance

She's young, gorgeous, and my best friend's daughter
Saying no should be easy
Except she can see right through me

He's always been my dream guy
Now I want him to be my first and only
I know he wants me too
There's no way I can settle for anyone else...

[US sale] Plotting to kill the king, he never expected to fall for the prince.

Myrddin knows the price. All magic users in Aelion belong to King Ulric. When Aelion's soldiers attack, the young wizard sacrificed himself, but even as the king binds him by blood, Myrddin has only one goal: regicide...

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If it weren’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all - Here I am, on my honeymoon in the most romantic city in the world. Alone. Sure, my no-good fiance left me at the altar for my maid of honor and best friend. Ex-best friend. Ex-fiance. Ex-old life. But I’m not about to let that stop ...

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OCTOBER 31, 2020 Sinful Hotwives: 10 Stunning Hotwife Stories By Chloe Martin

120+K words of spectacular first-time, interracial hotwife stories of wandering wives and the big black bulls they love to please, plus the husbands who love to watch (or join in!)! All in one blazing collection that will leave you screaming for more! This is a full collection, for the first-time ev...

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From the moment I saw her photo, I knew she had to be mine.
I might have been the owner of this dating app, but I’d never used it myself. I didn’t think it would cater to my particular needs.

My world changed the moment a photo popped up on my programmer’s screen.

Sophie was entrancing,...

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OCTOBER 27, 2020 Inked (Zaftig Dating Agency Short 9) By Jane Fox

Linc: When you’ve been a tattoo artist as long as I have, you’ve seen pretty much everything. At least, I thought so—until Cass walked through my door.

Cass: I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was in high school. It’s taken me this long to work up the nerve to get one. I researched to make su...