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All this rock star Santa wants for Christmas is his curvy elf! Dressing up as Santa at the local mall was a PR stunt dreamed up by my agent. Filling the Christmas wishes for kids was an easy job to say yes to. And then I saw her. She doesn't recognize me because of this Santa outfit, but even her El...

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DECEMBER 01, 2020 Wild Love (Zaftig Dating Agency Short 32) By Jane Fox

Dane: When I offer to take my niece to the zoo, I’m planning on having a fun day with my favorite kid. What I don’t expect is for a curvy wildlife educator to steal my heart.

Ceci: I meet all sorts of people while working at the zoo. But nothing has prepared me for the way Dane makes me feel....

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NOVEMBER 30, 2020 Doctor For Hire By Tory Baker

He might only be a fake boyfriend. 
But he’s going to make sure she’s not faking… anything. Tabitha Riley needs a date for her sister’s wedding … and fast. 
It doesn’t matter that her sister is marrying her ex-boyfriend. She could care less about that. 
It’s showing up to the wed...

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NOVEMBER 30, 2020 Hampton (Wild Mustang Security Firm) By Delta James

He loves the chase...John Hampton is a US Marshal on the way home from an extended fugitive retrieval assignment. When he stops in at his favorite steakhouse he finds that what he wants most … isn’t on the menu. Mandy Adams wasn't looking for love, least of all at work. She's not only surprised ...

NOVEMBER 29, 2020 The Boss's Daughter By Lolita Thorne

I thought I had the offices of Hill Enterprises to myself until I ran into the CEO's daughter.

Next thing I know, my boss has roped me into taking her out. I don't dare refuse in case my promotion goes with it.

It should be easy.

We have dinner, I take her back to the office, we never see e...

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Princess Althea’s hand has suddenly been given to a fierce warrior. Will she endure both the unexpected wedding ceremony, and what comes directly after? Althea - As a princess, I was to be seen, never touched. At least, not until my wedding night. I didn’t expect to be given to the fiercest warr...

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NOVEMBER 27, 2020 His New Toy: OMYW romance By L.R. Renard

I saved her from a storm, but who was going to save this little darling from me?
When Lanie’s car skidded out in front of my house, I naturally took her inside.
With a sudden tornado warning, I had no choice but to take her to the only windowless room.
My basement dungeon.

She asked about my...

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This is HIS mountain and he has a BIG surprise for any woman caught snooping around. I was only trying to get away from the city for a weekend, I didn’t think it would turn out like this! I’ve had my share of bad luck in the romance department, but I think my luck is changing, because I’ve nev...

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NOVEMBER 25, 2020 Rescued by a Daddy By Jaye Diamond

I’m watching her.
And I like what I see.

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.
What's the point when you have no one to share the meal with?
I’d rather forget about it, until I see Pamela: lost, helpless, and stunning.
Now I have something to celebrate—her arrival in my life.
The much younger gir...

Finley: I'm an escort to wealthy, influential women and I pride myself on being a consummate professional. When Rose Cheng's client sheet came across my desk, how was I to know that I would fall so quickly for her? Nothing on her intake form had prepared me to work for someone as special as her...

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