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Serge's unit is on thin ice. No more screw-ups or there will be dire consequences.

Hannah is on an eat-pray-love journey.
Traveling the trans-Siberian railway, she's searching for meaning.

The heat between these two can melt the polar ice caps.
But pursuing his mate might land Serge and his ...

Can one woman love four gorgeous wolf-shifter bodyguards at the same time?
It was supposed to be a simple job.

Look after my pop star sister during her residency gig in Las Vegas.

Keep her safe from weirdos and fanatics.

Wait for the right time to live my dream of being a fashion designer....

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JUNE 28, 2022 Watery Grave (SEAL Brotherhood: Legacy Book 1) By Sharon Hamilton

Another Navy SEAL Cruise? What Could Possibly Go Wrong? EVERYTHING!

Christy and Kyle Lansdowne receive a long-lost piece of luggage returned from a cruise vacation from Hell several years prior. Inside, lies the remains of SEAL Team 3 friend and former gym owner, Joseph “Gunny” Hoskins. Their...

Small-town romantic suspense from USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Bernard …

Every family has its secrets… and its rebel.

Deep in the Cascade mountains, the Rockwell family has been running historic Rocky Peak Lodge for generations. But now, that legacy is at risk of disappearing for...

JUNE 26, 2022 Secure Desire By R.L. Dunn

Will Ian and Cassie get their second chance at love, or will her secret destroy them both?

After Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Ian Chase's last brutal tour in Afghanistan, he and his brother resumed control of their private security company and the rest of their international conglomerate, Chase G...

Escape to the beach this summer, even if you live in a landlocked region! The golden sand of Getaway Bay is calling you with three complete romances, each set on the unique, breathtaking, and relaxing beach!

You'll get three full-length, heartwarming and sweet romances in this boxed set. We've got ...

Everyone deserves a second chance.

*** Cassie ***
Luke Steele was my first love, my first everything. But then he chose the life of a soldier over loving me. Smashing my young heart into a thousand pieces. Leaving me broken. He moved on so easily, I needed to move on, too.
First step was landi...

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JUNE 24, 2022 Forever Wishes: A Small Town Romance By Leeanna Morgan

Wanted...A man with a big heart, a wicked sense of humor, and a baby on his mind. When Jake moves to Montana, he doesn’t expect to fall for anyone. But Erin’s about to show him that love and a determined woman can change his life forever. Fans of Robyn Carr will love this small-town, feel-good r...

JUNE 23, 2022 Caranna Baro and the Legacy Mark By Iuliana Foos

Happiness is a rare commodity in the middle of a centuries-long war dividing the galaxy.

Born and raised in times of war, Caranna Baro refuses to settle for being a powerful sorceress. She craves recognition, the Dark Lady title, and she stops at nothing to reach her goal. But she needs a mentor ...

The only thing former Coalition warriors Calder, Zed and Axon have in common are long years spent battling the Hive, and their eagerness to claim their personal rewardótheir own Interstellar Bride. When news arrives on Viken that each of the warriors has been matched, they gather at the transport s...

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