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DECEMBER 17, 2021 Discovered Deception By Julie Bawden-Davis

After decades dreaming about each other….they reunite on a fateful moonlit winter’s night just before Christmas.

When Susa York’s cousin, Hermann, leaves her unwittingly holding a bag of stolen rare diamonds and disappears days before Christmas, the shy scientist working on a groundbreaking...

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DECEMBER 13, 2021 F Buddy By Summer Cooper

She needs an F buddy for a night, so I’ll do her the honor.
It was hard seeing Scarlett so upset.
She’s my innocent friend and I care deeply about her.
I know she wants a love story with an HEA.

But right now, what I can offer her is to kiss her all over and f@ck her problems away.
Make h...

DECEMBER 10, 2021 Codename: Bishop: Soldiers for Christmas By Kameron Claire

He’s a disabled vet fulfilling the last wish of his fallen friend. She’s spending her first Christmas alone after losing her only brother. Can a relationship that would have been forbidden be the balm they need to mend their broken hearts?

I knew his sister was off-limits, and yet, he'd invit...

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DECEMBER 10, 2021 Boss's Second Chance By Sloane Peterson

Three years ago, I let the love of my life walk away while she was pregnant with our child. I made her promises that I thought I could keep. I thought our distance would only be for a few months, until the family ties that kept us apart broke.

I ended up breaking all of those promises and left he...

I secretly hooked up with my brother’s best friend.
If that’s not bad enough, he knocked me up.
This secret can’t go on forever.
My bro is going to kill us.

For the past four years, I’ve been traveling Europe, working with the best chefs in the world.
Finally, I return home to L.A. to...

DECEMBER 09, 2021 Codename: Ram : Soldiers for Christmas By Fern Fraser

Can a little Christmas magic transform a one-night stand into forever for a soldier and a curvy girl?

After months of active duty in the dry, sandy desert, I'm home for Christmas. One night in a bar blowing off steam leads me straight into the arms of a curvy beauty.
Her sweetness is ex...

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When you're a wounded soldier, there's no better place to hide away than the mountains. Until you fall in love with a songbird...

Sparks fly when a wounded soldier and sunshiny songbird make sweet music together, but will it be enough to get them to the altar in time for Christmas? Steamy, sweet,...

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She’s lost in the past. He’s a powerful Scottish warrior. Can star-crossed love find a future between the ages? Search-and-rescue officer Amy MacDougall fears being trapped — both in small, dark places and in a relationship. But while chaperoning a high school trip to Scotland, she’s forced ...

DECEMBER 05, 2021 Rancher Daddy: A Single Dad & Nanny Romance By Lexi Whitlow

Grace Bradley: hotter than a forest fire and pure as Montana snow.
I gave up on women when my wife left me to tend to our sick little girl.
But as soon as I saw our new nanny, I knew I needed to make her mine.
I'll make her mine, no matter what. She'll stay--and not just for the season.


I’m in this town for work, not to find love. Never love. “Ha-ha,” says Love, right before it kicks me in the gut.

Aiden Clarke is growly, grumpy, and currently looking at me like he wants to rip my head clean off my shoulders.
And I…like it?

It’s been far too long, and he’s far to...