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Keysha Simmons is not reaching for the stars. All she wants is to stay alive and out of prison. Keeping to herself and hiding in Settler’s Ridge is her proven strategy—as long as they don’t know where to find her.

When helicopter pilot Tyrell sees Keysha ready to jump off a bridge, he does ...

The sexy warrior whisked her away to his dangerous world of magic and mystery. Now she’s not sure she can ever go back.

Doctor Gabrielle Rojas knows her Jane Doe patient shouldn’t heal this fast, or have a blood type that doesn’t exist. She also knows that Tarek, the sexy stranger who claim...

DECEMBER 27, 2021 Alien Romance Holiday Spectacular By Grace Goodwin

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5 First in Series Novels from USAT Bestselling author Grace Goodwin in her world-wide, bestselling INTERSTELLAR BRIDES® universe! With more than 1 million copies sold, it’s time to find out what you’ve been missing! This special holiday box s...

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DECEMBER 26, 2021 A is for Aiden: A Secret Baby Mountain Man Romance By Natasha L. Black

A baby? Impossible.

I moved to the mountains to start a new, quiet life. Danger followed me.

Aiden is my protector.
A gruff ex-Marine who saved my life
When the men who killed my father came for me.
Sparks between us turned to a hot affair
Hiding out in his cabin has its perks.

Hunted b...

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It’s Christmas Eve at La Petite Mort Club and the night is about to get interesting because it’s almost time to play The Mistletoe Game.

Adrian is prowling the Club when he notices the saddest woman he’d ever seen. She looks like her world has ended. He’s just the guy to cheer her up. He�...

DECEMBER 25, 2021 Purple Hearts By Arthur Archambeau

Everyone has a war story to tell

A jaded cop struggling to come to terms with her past falls for an idealistic former Marine-turned-cat rescuer on the crime-infested streets of West Baltimore.

Hope Kennedy is a cynical Baltimore cop. Her beat is the Mondawmin area of West Baltimore—the most...

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DECEMBER 21, 2021 Black and Blue (Black Star Security Book 1) By Cynthia Rayne

Life can leave you bruised

Former Navy SEAL, Jackson West, is starting over. After his son died, West chose between serving his country and being the parent his young daughter deserves. Now, West has formed Black Star Security with his military buddies, and they're gonna kick a little @ss. For a ...

Ugh, Christmas. Not a fan. So why am I wearing a Santa suit and letting frisky moms paw me at a reindeer ranch?

It might have something to do with the family crisis that drew me home between tours as a career Marine. Or maybe it’s my urge to cozy up with the prickly reindeer rancher whose curve...

DECEMBER 19, 2021 The Lumberjack's Nanny: A Forbidden Romance By Natasha L. Black

Max needs to hire a nanny for the summer.
I need money.

No problem!

There’s a big problem.
I caught feelings for Max, the sexy lumberjack dad.
Now I’m carrying around more than a broken heart. I have a little secret that belongs to Max.

How can I go ahead with the deal and wa...

DECEMBER 17, 2021 Heart of a Hero: Cowboys of the Flint Hills By Tessa Layne

He’ll do whatever it takes to win her back

From the moment of their first kiss, Parker Hansen has only ever wanted one woman – Cassidy Grace. Now that she’s back in town, a veteran combat helicopter pilot and his newest co-worker at the fire station, Parker’s not going to let his second c...