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NOVEMBER 10, 2023 Breeder: A Sci-fi Romance By Cara Bristol

Commander Dak, is one of five rulers of planet Parseon, a caste society that has enslaved its women and outlawed love. As Alpha he is responsible for maintaining the “Protocol” in his province. In need of an heir to secure his legacy, he purchases a female breeding slave intending to impregnate ...

NOVEMBER 09, 2023 Half-Breed Conquerer: A SciFi Alien Romance By Luna Hunter

I must breed her — or she dies.

I am a caged beast, bred for war. My captors force me to fight for my life, day in, day out, to hone my skills. Pain, war and death are all I know.

And then Amy’s dropped into my cell. The most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Long dark hair, big eyes, a...

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NOVEMBER 07, 2023 The Claimed Wolf: Steamy Shifter Romance By Juliette N. Banks

Will Liam accept his wolf, or will his refusal to shift stop him claiming his mate?

As a vampire, Liam never expected to become a wolf shifter. There are others just like him, including Jenna. Her sweet, sexy presence nearly distracts him from the wolf inside screaming to come out. He’s not for...

He’s never leaving this town. She can’t stay. One night could change everything.

There are a lot of hot, single guys in this town. And not so many women.

It’s the perfect place to launch my matchmaking business.

But when I go undercover as a delivery person, I don’t expect one of th...

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NOVEMBER 03, 2023 Close Protector: Heart of a Wounded Hero By Theresa Beachman

A former Navy SEAL puts everything on the line to protect a brilliant scientist.

Dr. Sophie Ivanova has developed a ground-breaking treatment for PTSD. She’s happily chosen her career over love until she overhears a conversation, and her carefully constructed world comes tumbling down.

The p...

As members of a black-ops unit, the men of the Joint Task Team are the best of the best when it comes to covert operations. Brought together to protect their country from enemies near and far, there’s only one thing these soldiers need to survive—the love of a strong woman. Tough, dangerous, and...

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OCTOBER 31, 2023 Adam: Halloween Holiday Special By Olivia Sinclair

Wounded soldier Adam is literally the man of Alyssa's dreams!

I found the perfect angel in my dreams. But she’s nowhere to be found when I wake up in the hospital. I know our love is real, but I don’t know how to find her… or even where to start looking.

Was it fate that br...

OCTOBER 28, 2023 Claimed by the Grump: An Age Gap Romance By Erin Havoc

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
After two years stuck in an abusive relationship, I finally escaped.
With nowhere to go and no family to embrace me, I’m on the run.

Aspen Glen is the perfect small town to raise the child growing inside me.
But I’m still not safe. My ex won’t...

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I was fine until an alien warrior gave me a baby.

The creepy Uttux abducted me. Before they could run their sick experiments on me, the Dohan smashed in and saved my life.

Their leader, Xaldur, is ruthless, dominant, and merciless.

He put the Uttux to the sword before scooping me into his s...

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OCTOBER 27, 2023 The Vampire Warrior: A Steamy Paranormal Romance By Juliette N. Banks

Vampire warrior Marcus must ignore his attraction to fellow soldier Charlotte — but when Charlotte is chosen to fight in the king’s vampire games, Marcus becomes her trainer. Forbidden passion grows impossible to resist in this scorching paranormal romance!

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