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His secrets might get me killed. A territory fight leads to kidnappings. I knew bikers were dangerous, but I didn’t think it would end in this disaster.

My obsession with this mountain of a man is totally life-consuming.
Intense, secretive, dangerous, basically everything I should stay away fr...

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MAY 04, 2022 Kai (Astral Mates Book 1) By Luna Hunter

General Kai cannot believe the naivety of the humans. From his cloaked ship the Dragan Warlord watches them walk straight into a trap — but when he sees there are females among their numbers, his throat tightens with anger.

Females should be protected. Treasured. Worshiped.

Especially one as...

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Single mom Jenny West can’t remember the last time she had any time to herself. She adores her three kids and loves being their mom, but she sure wouldn’t mind finding a man who’d make her feel like a woman again.

Boy, does she find him.

After her car hurtles down an embankment in a snow...

MAY 02, 2022 Lover Boy: A Military Single Dad Next Door Romance By Cassie-Ann L. Miller

He's the hot single dad next door. My brother's best friend...And I want him to be my lover.

I have a crush on Leo Montgomery.

His dark, heated gaze skittering down my body sets my skin on fire. A rare sighting of his elusive, heart-stopping smile and—dear lord—I think I just ovulated. But...

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MAY 01, 2022 Finding Alexei By Olivia Sinclair

A steamy military age-gap romance with some adventure, a couple of Russian bad guys, and more than a few funny bits

How long do you hang on to hope before you realize you’re just prolonging the inevitable? I finally had to face facts, leave Florida and Alexei behind, and move on with my li...

APRIL 30, 2022 Gunner (The Bad Disciples MC Book 1) By Savannah Rylan

I'll screw any woman I want, even the enemy.
As a sniper in the military, I shot on sight.
But now the only thing I have eyes for is Brooklyn, the new bartender at PJ's.
Her curvy hips, those pouty lips, I want to touch every inch of her skin.
I'll bend her over my bike and show her how a Bad Di...

APRIL 28, 2022 Saved by the Dark By Ann Jensen

Forget knights on white horses, how about a hero riding a motorcycle with shining chrome?

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APRIL 27, 2022 Blackburn By Brynne Asher

She’s my employee.

I’m her boss’s boss. Hell, I own the company.

Pursuing Lillian Burkette was a line I shouldn’t cross.

Until a work trip from hell changed everything.

I didn’t just step over the line. I annihilated the damn thing.

When it comes to her, there’s nothing I would...

She just wanted to get out of the city. She never expected to end up in space!

Needing a break from her busy city life, Eve rents a cabin in the woods. But things don’t go exactly as planned. When she’s abducted by scary, mantis-like aliens, her world is turned upside down.

Among the stran...

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APRIL 24, 2022 Lethal (The Disciples Book 1) By Cassandra Robbins

[US + CA] Blade McCormick is not a nice guy. He’s pure adrenaline and smells like smoke and leather—the kind of guy you look at and know he’s going to be a combination of nasty and irresistible. The moment I allowed myself to touch his hot skin and kiss his full lips, I. Was. Done.

Like cur...

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