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JANUARY 07, 2022 The Billionaire Playboy By Christina Tetreault

She's spent her life avoiding love - Charlotte “Charlie” O'Brien, a doctor in the United States Navy, returns to her home in North Salem, Massachusetts to visit her family and make an important decision about her future. Mother Nature has other plans when a hurricane strikes, flooding the town a...

JANUARY 06, 2022 Freefall: An Irish Hero, Age Gap Romance By Cassidy London

They say age is just a number, but sixteen years between them is not the only reason they should walk away. His past holds a secret that he is fighting to hide.

Ex-military Irish paratrooper Conor Murphy, is the kind of man to stay away from. A hardened, rugged exterior hides demons that are too ...

Can a little NYE magic and a shared hotel room be the start of forever for an heiress and her bodyguard?

The hunky ex Special Ops soldier insists on being my fake boyfriend and won’t let me out of his sight. And I’m beginning to like it.

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JANUARY 04, 2022 A Little Winter Wonderland (Montana Daddies) By Laylah Roberts

Welcome back to Sanctuary Ranch this Christmas. The favorite time of year for many of the Littles living on the ranch.

This year there is a baby, as well as something else . . .What will it be? A wedding? An engagement? Another baby? You’ll have to read to find out . . .

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JANUARY 03, 2022 Screw Christmas By Terry Towers

That’s right. You heard me correctly. Christmas can go take a flying… Well, you get where I’m going with this.

At one point in my life, the holidays were my favorite time of year—a time to decorate with sparkly lights, visit loved ones, and indulge in a family feast without guilt. But for...

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When a New Year’s Eve blizzard is forecasted for Sycamore Mountain, I anticipate snow, and lots of it. As former Army Special Ops, I’m not panicked. I’ve got this.

But a sunshiney blast from the past blowing through the door of my ski lodge? No amount of training could prepare me to face J...

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DECEMBER 31, 2021 Challenging Burke: Embrace Island By Olivia Sinclair

I thought Burke was someone else when I tried to spy on him.
Now I can’t get rid of the guy.
He’s gorgeous, charming, and sweet.
There’s no way this can last.

Before Cass dropped into my life I had no idea smart girls could be so much fun.
I can’t get enough of her or ...

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Their arranged marriage was all business…until he took her to bed. Drax, a fierce alien warrior and leader of the Iddax people, needs a mate. His bed is cold, and he needs children to carry on his legacy. Iddax females are scarce since the Great War, and looking off planet is his only hope.

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DECEMBER 29, 2021 Finding Alexei: Kauai By Olivia Sinclair

How long do you hang on to hope before you realize you're just prolonging the inevitable? I finally had to face facts, leave Florida and Alexei behind, and move on with my life.

It's not like I don't still ache for him though, even dripping wet and half-naked in the Hawaiian jungle.

But t...

This is a 2-in-1 curvy girl romance bundled set containing two heroes-out-of-uniform standalones—Tempted Beyond Reason and Tempted Beyond Relief. That means twice the heat, double the ultra-protective gruffness, and of course, two happily-ever-after endings with all the feels and all the swoon. En...