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Are they a recipe for a love match or a disaster waiting to happen?

Ty Johnson lives his new life in the shadow of his old one: the one where he was a professional baseball player and called up to the Major Leagues before a collision cost him his career and his fiancée. A family errand leads him...

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MAY 18, 2021 Head Above Water By Oria Maimon Cohen

During her summer vacation, sixteen-year-old Californian surfer Dylan Rice thinks she has found the love of her life in gifted blond surfer Reef Taylor. But their fiery relationship is put on hold after her family suffers a tragic event, and when Reef finds love with Dylan’s best friend, Emmy, she...

MAY 18, 2021 Marked by the Marquess By Alyson Chase

In this battle of wills, matrimony might be the deadliest game of all…

Gentleman spy, Sinclair, Marquess of Dunkeld, must discover who’s behind the recent unrest in Scotland. But when he’s caught alone with an unmarried woman, a hasty marriage threatens his mission.

Fortunately, his new ...

MAY 18, 2021 Stolen By The Alien Beast By Celeste King

A big bad alien warrior has boarded my ship and claimed me as his mate!

I dunno. Dating just isn’t what it used to be…

So what if he’s part of the Draconian race? So what if he’s a legendary space marauder, taking whatever he wants from anyone and everyone.

He’s never met Nina Buc...

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MAY 18, 2021 Shh... It's a Surprise! (Baby) By Annie J. Rose

A hot stranger with a mysterious past shows up in our quiet little southern town.
The old ladies’ tongues are wagging, but they don’t know the half of it.
Chris has been in my house and in my bed, and he left a little something behind.
But when his dark history catches up with him, will he be...

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MAY 18, 2021 Raven (Kindred Book 1) By Scarlett Finn

He's mysterious and alluring,
Dominant and powerful.
He keeps her grounded,
And lets her fly.

After a date ends in disaster, Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives. Bidding farewell to blissful ignorance, she must betray those who trust her to prevent e...

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MAY 18, 2021 Clear Skies: Stormcloud Station Series By Suzanne Cass

A land of drought and flooding rains...and murder.
Daisy’s in trouble. Her car is stalled in the middle of a flooded creek, with the water rising quickly.
Dale is in no mood to rescue the woman about to be swept away by a raging tropical storm, who’s clearly a city girl, unfamiliar with the coun...

MAY 18, 2021 Secrets & Second Chances By Barbra Campbell

Everyone has secrets. Does everyone deserve a second chance? Maddox:
After getting out of the Marines, I took a job in my home town. The love of my life had moved away and no one had been able to tell me where she’d gone. But my heart wasn’t going to let me stop looking for her.

Our single n...

MAY 17, 2021 Stryker: Dragon Shifter Bodyguards By Ava Benton

A secret group of dragon shifters operate in a city not far from all of us. They save lives. They demand secrecy. They take no prisoners. Or do they?

Stryker is one of that elite bodyguard cadre. She’s the target of organized criminals, the daughter of a gambling man. Fate brought them together...

MAY 17, 2021 Player Baby Daddy By B. B. Hamel

Don’t sleep with the Coach’s daughter. And definitely don’t knock her up...... It's a shame I have no self control. I’m used to going rough on the field and rougher in the bedroom. That’s how I live my life: fast, hard, uncontrolled. Until I meet Nicole, I never thought I could be containe...