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OCTOBER 07, 2021 Busted By Olivia Sinclair

What if my dad’s best friend finds out all my books’ sexy heroes are based on him?

If it hadn’t been for that mean professor sophomore year, I never would have written an essay about my crush on Navy surgeon Commander Aiden McBride. (Yes, he’s just as deliciously stern as that sounds.)


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OCTOBER 07, 2021 The Twins By Arabella Black

Three corrupt men stole her broken heart.

Grey came back to us.
The hungry whispers in my ear never gave up on her.
Now, we’re at the start of something new,
a life full of joy, sex and decadence in the city of angels.
But we’ve lost control.
Our life has become a bitter walk down a memory lane...

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I live in Idaho. (Yes, potatoes. *eye roll* Can we talk about something else?) And I love it here. Small town values galore and it’s right where I want to raise my girls after my jerk ex traded me in for a “younger, newer model” (his words, not mine).

My mom’s the volunteer fire chief in ...

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OCTOBER 06, 2021 Bodyguard Wolf's Baby: Wolf Shifter Romance By Amelia Wilson

I thought I could forget about the werewolf I loved…Until I realized I was pregnant.

I’ve been doing alright raising my werewolf pup on my own.
I’m no longer tortured by memories of amazing sex with his father.
I love my new life with my son…
… even if it is lonely.
Until strangers ...

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OCTOBER 06, 2021 The Last Heartbeat: Love at Last By Katerina Simms

Agathe Santos made a vow. To love her child until the very last heartbeat. Hers. Not theirs…

Four years after her daughter's death, Agathe knows that hope is for losers and so is love. Work has become her greatest escape. But even the world’s loneliest woman can’t hide forever…


OCTOBER 06, 2021 Clean Sweep: A BBW Romance By Evie Mitchell

Erik - Nappies, poop and so many sleepless nights I was pretty sure in some countries this would be considered torture and my kids could be tried for war crimes.

Yep, I was now a dad. A dad who had no clue what he was doing. A dad who somehow ended up with two kids who weren't his but I fuc- er, ...

The moment I locked eyes with the mesmerizing blonde in the bridal dress, I knew I had to have her.
So I just kissed her.
Playing the “billionaire” role for my sister’s fashion show was awkward, but that didn’t matter once I posed for the cameras with that knockout in my arms. That instant...

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OCTOBER 06, 2021 Warlord and the Waif: A Dark SciFi Fairy Tale By Chloe Parker

An alien warlord. An abducted activist. And the curse that binds them together.


I didn't ask to be abducted by aliens, but the Hyperboreans took me anyway. Now, they've left me on the dying planet of Myste, indentured to the warden of a prison in the clouds.

And my captor? That's Cald...

Confirmed bachelor Garrett Johnson hates yoga. But after filling in for one of his reporters for an article on yoga and meeting a bombshell named Lilly, Garrett’s rethinking his views. Especially on bachelorhood.
Lilly doesn’t have long-term relationships. Because “Lilly” is actually Michae...

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OCTOBER 05, 2021 A Scot's Pledge: A Time Travel Fantasy Romance By Sky Purington

From friends to lovers, forbidden passion sparks between a modern day woman and a medieval Highland warrior. Accustomed to watching over things for Clan MacLomain and their Viking ancestors, Julie had given up hope of traveling back in time for love like those before her. Until the day an old friend...