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DECEMBER 05, 2022 Beautiful Game: A Stag Brothers Sports Romance By Lainey Davis

Everything comes at a cost. Is love worth the price?

They say I've got it all. But half my identity is a mystery.
When I’m traded to Pittsburgh’s pro soccer team, I know I need to solve the secret of my origins.

I just need to stay focused on my game in the meantime.

Easier said than d...

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DECEMBER 05, 2022 Broken Down in Ballyclare By Tina Gallagher

Everything was perfect. Until…well, it’s complicated.

All my hard work had finally paid off in a big way.

Then life decided to remind me that I wasn’t really in control of anything, no matter what I planned for myself.

Losing my grandmother was devastating. Losing my job was just icin...

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DECEMBER 05, 2022 Yo Ho Ho: A Christmas Hockey Romance By Jenny Redford

Maxine Quinn loved her job covering the Detroit Pirates for the city’s oldest newspaper, and she prided herself on her professionalism – except for that time a year ago.

Logan Moore was one of the best defensive players in the league, getting him the attention of women in Detroit. But Max was...

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Spend the evening with a cowboy... or eight in this clean and Christian cowboy romance boxed set by bestselling authors! Escape to the quieter life on a ranch, with a cowboy hero who knows how to treat a woman right. They work hard, they shoot straight, and they love deep. Grab this boxed set and re...

Cassidy Smith is desperate for some excitement. Her free-spirited best friend keeps her on her toes with the occasional misadventure, but deep down, she just needs... more. When the girls stumble into a bar known for its bad reputation and a tattooed, bad boy owner, Cassidy’s left daydreaming abou...

I escaped death once and now the demon is back to claim my soul. The only thing standing between us is a hellhound shifter who sets my body and heart on fire…

Blood witch Topaz should be dead. She evaded the demon monster once before, with the help of the Fae Winter Court. But now the soul coll...

Will a freak Texas snowstorm bring two hearts a Christmas gift they never expected?
Tricia Wade, Southern hostess extraordinaire, has happily decided to retire from her successful catering business to concentrate on being there for her twin grandbabies, River and Riley. She takes her Gigi duties ju...

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It’s Christmas Eve at La Petite Mort Club and the night is about to get interesting because it’s almost time to play The Mistletoe Game.

Adrian is prowling the Club when he notices the saddest woman he’d ever seen. She looks like her world has ended. He’s just the guy to cheer her up. He�...

Bella’s new roommate is none other than Hank, the guy she thought could be the one — and became her worst enemy. But as the summer heats up, so does their attraction. This time around, does fate have something else in store for them?

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DECEMBER 04, 2022 One Little Favor: A Christmas Novella By Julia Connors

This is teeing up to be the worst Christmas ever.

First, my parents win a last-minute cruise and ditch me for the white sand beaches of the Caribbean.

Then, my annoyingly sexy boss, Tom, needs one *little* favor–in the form of sacrificing my entire weekend to help him revamp his office spac...

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