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JANUARY 23, 2021 The Rake is Taken By Tracy Sumner

Lady Victoria Hamilton has a supernatural gift, a fiancé, and a guardian angel. She just never expected her protector to be the most dazzling man in England, a devilish scoundrel they call the Blue Bastard. Victoria has agreed to marry for duty, not love, but her unforeseen desire for her mystical ...

JANUARY 23, 2021 Submitting to the Alpha By Emilia Rose

Isabella is in trouble. Big trouble. She knows that opening her curtains and touching herself while her alpha watches from the woods is wrong, but she does it anyway. And she plans on doing it again. Every night, in fact, until her alpha teaches her otherwise.

Roman, alpha of the Silverclaw Pack,...

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JANUARY 23, 2021 For Forever : A Friends to Lovers Romance By Mia Evans

What do you do when the only girl you've ever loved is 100% off-limits?

My name is Elijah Gray, and I'm in love with Samantha Wilson.

There are two major problems with that.

1.) She's dating another guy (a guy I can't stand)
2.) She's been my best friend since the first grade

Even after...

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[US Sale] My parent’s brutal murder threatened to ruin my life.

According to my aunt and uncle, I should be thrilled to be at Meyer’s Grove.

But the devils, Asher, Parker, Luca, and Caspian, don’t agree.
They’re vicious. Relentless. Filthy rich.
And they’re not going to stop until ...

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Lana - Jameson didn’t break my heart five years ago. It wasn’t his to break. But he did wound my pride, and in some ways, that’s worse. That’s in the past though. And now Jameson has a chance to make it up to me. I need a fake boyfriend, and of course he’s still single. And if it screws up...

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JANUARY 22, 2021 Just A Fling (Blue Beech Book 1) By Charity Ferrell

A Hollywood princess mixing business and pleasure with her hot new bodyguard is a headline I’ll gladly live up to. Stella - The only thing worse than a messy breakup, is a very public messy breakup. After the fallout, I made myself a promise— no more dating. The moment my new bodyguard walks thr...

JANUARY 22, 2021 Bodyguard: A Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance By Keira Blackwood

She deserves better, but fate doesn’t care. I get the trash missions, the kind of crap any errand boy could handle. So when I’m called to do a transport, I’m not surprised. Until I see her.

When Louisa Pelham's family is forced to sell their house and leave everything behind, Louisa couldn't feel more relieved to have a chance at a fresh start. However, the last thing she expected was to meet the endearingly attractive brother of the Duke of Grenfell, Isaac, who desperately wants to bu...

Small bodied princesses. Unbroken little Buttercups. Pure & young.
Large, possessive alphas. Rough & forbidden.
Swingers, Naughty Wives, Bi-men.
Doctors, Bikers, Billionaires
Taken from both ends. Filled to the brim.
Holes sharing. MM, F...

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JANUARY 22, 2021 Built to Last (Built for Love Book 1) By Chelle Pimblott

I've spent the last few years getting my book shop up and running. I've left high school and all the horrible taunting behind me, now I’m a successful business owner.. but I can't forget the one guy that drew my attention. He drew everyone’s attention, the guys want to be him, and the girls...

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