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SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 The Gambler By Raquel Belle

David is the alpha of all alphas. Vegas is HIS city. He’s a billionaire. He owns two casinos and runs them like well-oiled machines. His name commands a respect that he’s earned. He’s the best poker player in town and he hates cheaters. So here’s where things get interesting…

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2020 Brutal Bully: A Dark High School Bully Romance By Logan Fox

This prince won't rest until I bend the knee...or break.

Lavish Prep was my fresh start. A new town, a new school—perfect for easing a mind racked by tragedy.
Then the invincible, untouchable monster who runs Lavish Prep sets his eyes on me.
Handsome, intelligent, gifted Prince Briar should h...

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SEPTEMBER 07, 2020 Sweet Pea (Burning Saints MC Book 4) By Jack Davenport

Charles “Sweet Pea” Kimble is a newly appointed Road Captain for the Burning Saints MC. His promotion is overshadowed by issues with a rival club and his attraction to the alluring assistant district attorney is an inconvenience, to say the least. Callie Ames has a passion for justice that burns...

SEPTEMBER 06, 2020 Shades: A Steampunk Fantasy Adventure By Abi Barden

Money, a mansion, and a mysterious death? Far from the inheritance she ever expected. Amethyst Forester is a scientist, not a lady. Benjamin Maker is a lord, trapped in a loveless marriage. The only thing they have in common is Professor Richards—a genius Aetheric scientist. When Richards is found...

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SEPTEMBER 06, 2020 Ice Breakers: A Mika Chalmers Hockey Mystery By Heather C. Myers

The last person private investigator Mika Chalmers expects to walk in her office is ex-boyfriend and NHL player, Eric Foresburg. He looks just like he did three years ago, tall, blond, and every inch a Viking.

SEPTEMBER 05, 2020 Merciless: Arranged Marriage Romance By Esme Devlin

I was traded like the Queen of Diamonds in a game of cards, long before I was old enough to spell the word 'marriage'. From the day we met we have hated each other. Intensely. But that’s just Tommy. Everything about him is intense. Demanding. Possessive. He gets whatever he wants because he takes ...

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SEPTEMBER 02, 2020 Beautiful Scars: A Dark Romance By Ariana Black

She is a means to an end. Half my size and and ten times as innocent. The job is simple. Ruin Meisie. Destroy her mother. Keep my business. It’s the target who is complicated. She’s broken. Scarred. Away with the fairies. And everything I never knew I needed. She wants to go home? I'll make sure...

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SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 Born of Darkness: A Hunter Legacy Novel By Lara Adrian

Hunters. The most lethal Breed vampires in existence, and none feared more than Asher. Until a pretty Vegas grifter on the run for her life turns the former assassin's dark world--and his heart--upside down...

AUGUST 31, 2020 Blood and Shadows: A Vampire Paranormal Romance By K.S. Blackwood

She was a mortal who never knew about the hidden world…He was a vampire who never thought he would need to tell her his secret…

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AUGUST 30, 2020 Crash Into Me By L.A. Fiore

When a stabbing death calls homicide detective Molly Donahue and her partner to Central Park, it’s just the beginning of a string of murders in an investigation that leads them to Los Angeles, and the death of a Hollywood starlet three decades earlier.

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