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A dragon shifter with a mission. A single mom determined to protect her son. When their paths cross, the flames of desire ignite, and danger descends.

Waitress and single mom Adrienne wants nothing more than to protect her son, so when his father shows up after being absent since his birth, she�...

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MAY 31, 2021 Afterglow (Lantern Beach Escape Book 1) By Christy Barritt

What if you married someone, only to discover that she was suspected of killing her former fiancé?

While on their honeymoon, Grayson and Rachel Stewart are confronted with dark details of Rachel's past. As more facts begin emerging, their new marriage is thrown into a tailspin. The newlyweds mus...

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MAY 30, 2021 Hawke (Must Love Danger Book 1) By Emily Jane Trent

Navy SEAL Hawke Turner is in the protection business. Emilia is a close friend from his past. When her life is threatened, he vows to rescue her and calls on the strength of his team. He risks it all for Emilia and to save a child’s life.

MAY 28, 2021 Dark Protector (Black Hoods MC Book 1) By Avelyn Paige

From two bestselling authors comes the story of two people who should have never fallen in love and the dangers that lurk around them.

Blair’s life isn’t perfect, but she has a plan. Find a new roommate, finish school and finally start the future she’s been working so hard for.

And then ...

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MAY 27, 2021 Wild Card Undercover By Kari Lemor

Some gambles are worth the risk . . .

Trapped in the nightmare of Miami’s illicit underworld, Meg O’Hara has no choice but work for a high-stakes criminal to repay a debt. Freedom is a pipe dream, until FBI agent Christopher Shaunessy offers her a way out. It won’t be easy, especially playi...

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MAY 24, 2021 Following Her: A Stalker Romance Book 1 By Natalie Knight

She needs me. She just doesn’t know it yet.
Dalia is the only one who can fix what’s broken in me. I knew it the moment I saw her.
That red hair, those wounded eyes, the irresistible curves…she’s perfect.
She will be mine.
But first, I have to get rid of her boyfriend.
Don’t feel so...

A journalist looking to make it big is hired to investigate her billionaire ex-boyfriend under the guise of a fake marriage

Willow Watkins has been working her whole life to become an investigative journalist but was never given a big break. When her boss brings her the opportunity of a lifetime ...

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She can either walk down the aisle or dig her own grave. Maggie just got dropped into the middle of a mafia turf war.

And I need the loyalty of her uncle to keep the Valentino family from splintering apart.

She's the key to everything. If I can tame her and make her my wife, then I can keep th...

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MAY 22, 2021 Discovered Memories By Julie Bawden-Davis

Haunted by memories of her Latina mother’s mysterious death when she was just 6, fearless overseas investigative reporter Alexa Kent is up against her toughest case yet. On location in La Paz, Mexico, she uncovers a human sex trafficking ring and races to save the little girls.

Against her bett...

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His Clan destroyed her family. Now she's forced to be his.

When a Clan wedding turns into a massacre, Emiliana "Ella" Caputo, the Syndicate's First Daughter, will do anything to find out who killed her dad—even marry the vicious Brotherhood Commander. The Shadow. The Gunman. A man as ruthless a...