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MARCH 22, 2020 Playing It Safe: A York Bombers Hockey Romance By Lisa B. Kamps

Aaron Malone knows one thing: hockey. It's been his calling and his salvation, seeing him through life's challenges--from a marriage that should have never happened and a divorce that left him gutted, to the loss of his two daughters when his ex-wife moved out of state. When a tragic accident forces...

Brimming with attitude and broken beyond repair, Isaac "Ice" Wolfe has a heart as cold as his nickname, and he likes it that way--until he meets his neighbor Avery Maxwell. Avery is unlike any woman he's ever known. Her smile thaws his frozen heart. Being with her heals his broken places. She makes ...

MARCH 16, 2020 COACH (Boston Terriers Book 3) By Jacob Chance

Zeke Kingston is the arrogant, tattooed, and sinful coach of Boston University's women's football team. And I’m their new quarterback. From the moment the dark and broody hunk mistook me for a cheerleader we've clashed. His smirking lips make my blood boil and his god-like muscles turn my knees we...

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MARCH 14, 2020 Tap'd Out (Dead Presidents MC Book 5) By Harley Stone

Serving as an intelligence officer taught Tap how to listen, but nobody warned him about hearing too much. Now, he skates the line between paranoid and prepared, afraid to fully trust anyone, even his club brothers.

One injured football star + One curvy personal chef = It's gonna get hot and the kitchen!

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MARCH 10, 2020 SMART TASS (The OHellNO Series Book 1) By Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
MARCH 09, 2020 Pucker Up Series: Books I and II By Sara Hubbard

Now you can enjoy Pucker Up and The Goon in a boxed set! PUCKER UP: BOOK I - His name is Ozzie. He’s the college hockey star every girl wants a piece of, and who every guy wants to be.
Every girl except me. The only thing I want from him is enough details to write a story for my college paper. TH...

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MARCH 09, 2020 The Gentle Patriot: Georgia Patriots Romance By Cami Checketts

It was love at first glance for Mack Quinn, but Sariah Udy has scars that not even this gentle giant can heal. Sariah Udy has been staring at, and falling in love with, Mack Quinn every game of the Patriots’ winning season, but she knows she could never date someone perfect like him. Sariah has de...

MARCH 07, 2020 Professor Next Door By Summer Cooper

I f@ck my students… I just can’t seem to keep it in my pants when these young sexy women throw themselves at me! But now, I must stop behaving like such a d**k, not that my dead wife would care...If I get caught sleeping with my students, I’ll lose my job.