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MAY 17, 2020 I Temporarily Do: A Romantic Comedy By Ellie Cahill

So what are a girl without a home and a guy without a wife supposed to do? A quickie wedding in Vegas will solve both their problems. It's a business arrangement, and no one even needs to know. They'll just get an annulment in a few months. What could go wrong?

Married years ago…for 48 heavenly hours.

The couple is together for the first time since the annulment—after
Grandma’s will leaves the farm to Whitney “and her husband.” Drew
yearns to get back to the earth, but Whitney is dead set on her own
plans. So each is determined to call the ...

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MAY 15, 2020 Taste for Trouble: Blake Brothers #1 By Susan Sey

Another smart, sexy contemporary romance from award-winning author Susan Sey...On the field, soccer star James Blake is pure poetry. Off the field? He’s pure trouble. When his fondness for fast women and bar brawls lands him a suspension from the game, he’s prepared to take his punishment like a...

MAY 14, 2020 Undercover Billionaire By Ainsley Booth

She has a crush on the delivery guy. He has a billion-dollar secret. As the CEO of Aston Corp, Jake usually wears Hugo Boss. But when his company acquires SwiftEx, he goes undercover as a delivery driver so he can understand the business from the ground up. The last thing he expects is to fall head ...

MAY 14, 2020 Mind Reader By Kirsty McManus

Kellan Gallo can predict soulmates. Operating out of the nightclub Heaven Sent, his charming reputation and impressive accuracy rate are legendary. But when Kellan meets stem cell scientist Beatrix Mackenzie, he wonders if his time might be better spent pursuing a more meaningful profession.

MAY 13, 2020 Turn the Paige (Love Hurts Book 1) By Roseanne Beck

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MAY 10, 2020 Mine Until Moonrise By Jennifer Bernard

It’s a fine line between feuding and flirting. Ever since single mother Megan Miller arrived in stunning Lost Harbor, Alaska, she’s been at odds with hottie boat captain Lucas Holt. That is, until one of Lost Harbor’s wild summer storms tosses everything up in the air, and a rescue becomes a p...

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A ruse with an old flame grows into romance. Delphinium “Fin” Bloom returns to her hometown with one goal: get the mayor—her former flame—to approve a location shoot in Good Hope. But business turns personal when the two become entangled in a fake engagement to comfort his ailing grandmother...

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MAY 07, 2020 Reckless Complete Collection By Gina Robinson

I went to college to find answers. Instead, I found Logan…My mom betrayed me in the worst way possible. I can’t forgive her, but I can outwit her. I’m going to unravel the family secret she’s been keeping from me my whole life. So I’m going to college across the state from her, to the plac...

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An emotionally scarred beauty who has closed the door on love...isn’t ready for a hardened cop who wants to be her hero. Is she destined for a lonely life, or is there hope for her frozen heart?