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JULY 13, 2020 My Best Friend's Brother By Alexis Winter

It's no secret I’ve always had a crush on my best friend’s older brother.
He’s the center of every single one of my naughty fantasies,
And my new boss...

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Brody Harrington is more than a rich, powerful CEO. He’s a prince. As in heir-to-the-throne-of-a-foreign-country prince. Only he conveniently kept that part of him a secret when we first met. For a reason. The passion between us was one I couldn’t deny. We tumbled into a hot hook-up that tasted ...

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*RED ROCKET is a sexy STANDALONE sports romance about a Russian hockey enforcer with bad reputation and the feisty redhead from the PR department who just might be the one person who can help him shine up his tarnished image. 'Public Relations' is about to take on a whole new meaning!

JULY 10, 2020 S.O.S. (Doctor Drama Book 3) By Amanda Faye

They're professionals. They know the boundaries. But some lines must be crossed. Once bitten, twice shy doesn't begin to describe these two doctors. Both burned at love; both swear never to get roped into romance again. A one night stand at a resort in Mexico doesn't count, though. They won't meet a...

JULY 10, 2020 Slammed: A Bad Boy Sports Romance By Teagan Kade

My purity ring was perfectly fine until Nate ‘King’ Compton showed up. The star recruit of the Panthers, inked up and out of control—He’s the campus troublemaker I know I should avoid, but I can’t. Problem is, I’ve been given the ‘privilege’ of improving his GPA… provided I can fin...

You know that instinct to run when something bad is coming? Yeah. I apparently missed out on that one. Because Damon Rose came, and instead of running, I got pregnant.

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The first time I met Vivi, I saved her life. I own her apartment, the building, hell, the whole block. Now I need to possess the curvy redhead. Her innocence is the only thing in danger around me.

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There are things that just shouldn’t happen—like me being in love with my sister’s best friend. Still, that didn't stop me from spending our childhood telling her just that. Of course, she doesn't believe me. I'm just the annoying guy she’s known all her life. But then she begged...

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One curvy beauty + One hunky fireman + One blind cat stuck in a tree = Five-Alarm Romance! I've given up dating, because women freak out over the reality of me running into infernos. But when a woman's rescue cat gets stuck up a tree and she calls us for help, I know I have to take a chance with thi...