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In the town of Lakeview, there are two kinds of people: billionaires and the people who work for them.

Me, I’m the groundskeeper. I work for the media mogul Mr. Grant. I mow his lawn, I trim his hedges, I sweep his tennis courts and clean his pool. And before this quarantine is over, I’m stea...

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The last thing I want is a sugar daddy. I might only be twenty-four, but I've always been the sensible one. From my boring call centre job right down to my practical wardrobe; impulsive and extravagant are not part of my usual vocabulary. Ascot, the home of British horse racing might be my home as w...

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OCTOBER 01, 2020 Saddle Up: An Opposites Attract Romance By Kim Loraine

What happens when a gorgeous, curvy network exec from LA shows up on the doorstep of my ranch? A big, fat pay-off to replace what my thieving ex took and enough sexual chemistry to light the Montana Sky on fire.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 Thick Cop Daddy (an insta-love romance novella) By Jaye Diamond

Reed’s thick. He's a cop. And he's a daddy. Who could blame me for wanting a guy like him, even if I am half his age? The heart wants what it wants, and mine wants to belong to this dominant daddy. I have a plan to sneak into his room that could get me in serious trouble if he turns me down, but I...

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SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 Dr. Bully and The Secret Baby By Larissa de Silva

How to Ruin a Life, Part I: Get drunk. Hook up with a gorgeous co-ed. Have an unforgettable night. Try to forget it anyway...until Astrid Andrews' pregnancy test comes back positive. And suddenly, her prospects for finishing college aren't looking too good.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2020 Friends to Lovers: A Secret Pregnancy Romance By Ajme Williams

I knew this “friends with benefits” arrangement wouldn’t work. A relationship meant ruining our friendship. So we chose the next best option. We fell into bed together with zero expectations.
But then…

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One baseball player with a passion for curves + One curvy librarian with a passion for heels + One ball in Vegas = One unforgettable Cinderella story. Other guys, they don't see the beauty in a woman's curves. Me? Can't get enough of them. The Curve Ball is an annual ball in Vegas and it's heaven on...

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Hottie in the truck, Brinn McRae turns out to be straight-laced and so not my type. Plus, I’m not looking for romance. I have to find a job and my estranged brother. The universe must have different plans because the first job my Daytona temp agency sends me to is Brinn’s flight school. And if I...

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 High Roller: The Pot isn’t the Money By Beatrice Brae

Braxton - Poker is my game and winning is my pleasure. Until Faith Queen beats me at poker!
This time the pot isn’t the money. It's the curvy queen in front of me. She's sassy, smokin' hot, and betting on winning her heart is the ultimate game. Of Love! Faith - Babysitting high rollers in three-p...

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 One Night Only (A Forbidden Fruit Novella) By Amanda Faye

There are things that just shouldn’t happen—like me being in love with my sister’s best friend. Still, that didn't stop me from spending our childhood telling her just that. Of course, she doesn't believe me. I'm just the annoying guy she’s known all her life. But then she begged...

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