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NOVEMBER 26, 2019 Twelve Days To Love: A Gay Christmas Romance By Avery Ford

“All I want is for Christmas to be over.” Cain Masters is rich. He’s powerful. Whatever he wants, he gets. Right now, all he really wants is to skip the entire month of December. Cain is about to find out that what he wants and what he needs for Christmas this year are two very different thing...

Promo Price: ($2.99) $0.99

Promo Price: ($2.99) $0.99

“I got stuck in an elevator with a Christmas elf,” was not a sentence Zoë Farraday ever thought she would have to utter. And to have it happen in the building of her brand spanking new job kind of made the entire situation worse. Of course she had to then have a melt-down in front of him to mak...

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Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this feel-good, small-town romance. After a tragic accident, Megan is determined to give, Nora, her five-year-old niece, a loving and stable home. When a stranger knocks on her door, their lives are thrown into turmoil. FBI Special Agent William P...

NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Home for Christmas (Holiday Romance Box Set) By Daphne James Huff, Kayla Tirrell, M.F. Lorson
NOVEMBER 23, 2019 VAMP By Dani Wyatt

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NOVEMBER 22, 2019 The Christmas Scandal: Regency Romance By Regina Darcy

FREE ON KINDLE UNLIMITED - Lady Jemima Hastings, elder daughter of the Marquess of Parkham never expected to be faced with a scandal centred on herself. Then again she had never met a rouge such as Lord Alexander Denhaven. Brought together through a string of foolish decisions and unfortunate circum...