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DECEMBER 19, 2019 Nixon's Promise (Gemini Group Book 1) By Riley Edwards

Former Navy SEAL Nixon Swagger is home. After twelve years of service and twice as many deployments, all Nix wanted was quiet. He’d sought the solace of the land he’d grown up on and found the peace he needed to silence the noise and figure out his next move. Nixon’s stay was supposed to be te...

DECEMBER 16, 2019 Fractured (Southern Alphas Book 2) By Lori Sjoberg

Carter has returned from multiple deployments, and he’s brought a few demons home with him. War left him scarred, inside and out, and he’s counting on the peace of his family’s farm to keep his head screwed on straight. What he doesn’t bargain for is Amy, the new horse trainer. She’s kind...

As soon as I see her, I know that she has to be mine

NIKITA - She sets me on fire and turns my world upside downThey say that opposites attract. We’re definitely that. I live in the moment, driven by passion. She has her little life all planned out. My love will make her forget all of those p...

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DECEMBER 13, 2019 Rescue Bear: Shifter Romance (P.O.L.A.R. Book 1) By Candace Ayers

One week. That’s all it took for Megan’s world to fall apart. She lost everything. Her marriage—shattered. Her business—demolished. Her life—ruined. Enter one hot Rescue Bear to pick up the pieces, build her back up, and shower her with the love she’s never known, and always deserved.

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DECEMBER 11, 2019 Recipe for Danger: A Collection of Military Romantic Suspense Books By Janie Crouch, Lynn Raye Harris, Cynthia Eden, Caitlyn O'Leary, Katie Reus, Patricia D. Eddy, Kris Michaels, Maryann Jordan, Kaylea Cross, Cristin Harber, Cat Johnson, Elle James
DECEMBER 11, 2019 Anti Hero By Skye Warren
DECEMBER 10, 2019 Tucker (In Safe Hands Book 4) By S.M. Shade