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I should have taken off my ring before I asked her out. I’m a military man, or was. I should have known better than that. It gave her the wrong impression. It would to any woman. Being a single father and losing my wife has left me wanting to pull back from love. But this new girl at the flower sh...

JANUARY 06, 2020 A Wolvenk Holiday By Poppy Rhys

Wounded and trying to survive the bitter cold, Kiona experiences the shock of her life when a wolfy alien finds her. Thorn doesn't expect to sniff out an off-worlder--one unlike any he's ever seen--but he can't leave her to die.

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DECEMBER 29, 2019 Holidays in Manhattan (The McKinnon Brothers Book 5) By Jennifer Gracen

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DECEMBER 29, 2019 Christmas Anthology By Tayla Alexandra, Dyanne Gordon Green, Sharon Sue Thorn, Remi Carrington, Bree Livingston, Lara Wynter
DECEMBER 28, 2019 The Snow Man By Diana Palmer

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I’ll just admit it right up front—I don’t love the holidays. In fact, Christmas makes me downright cranky. Call me the Grinch if you must, but if your dad chose that day to decide he was wrong about that whole wanting a family thing, you’d grow up miffed about mistletoe too. Every candy cane...

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DECEMBER 28, 2019 Just a Taste By Crystal Kaswell

She hates me… almost as much as she wants me. I have everything I should want. Only the thrill is gone. My days are grey. Until I meet Meg. The inexperienced college student is a breath of fresh air. Sassy, s*xy, completely unimpressed by me. She hates my cocky grin. She huffs at my one-liners. An...