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Fans of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series will love this feel-good, small-town romance. After a tragic accident, Megan is determined to give, Nora, her five-year-old niece, a loving and stable home. When a stranger knocks on her door, their lives are thrown into turmoil. FBI Special Agent William P...

NOVEMBER 25, 2019 A Hotter Fire (Assured Elites Book 3) By Parker Avrile

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NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Awakened (The Oracle Chronicles Book 1) By Moni Boyce

Secret lineage, a ruthless vampire, and forbidden love. Willow Stevens dreams of stardom are eclipsed by the real nightmares of a sinister man haunting her dreams. Unbeknownst to her, Eli Walker, her hot but snobbish co-worker, may know the reason nightmares plague her, but their history shows he is...

NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Aloha Texas: Heartwarming Edition By Chris Keniston

Former Navy Special Forces Nicholas Harper likes his new life as captain of a dive boat in Hawaii.

Powerhouse attorney Kara Lynn O'Conner's world revolves around her small Texas town where life is easy and safe.

Six year old Bradley Russell is about to change everything.

Note: This story was orig...

NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Home for Christmas (Holiday Romance Box Set) By Daphne James Huff, Kayla Tirrell, M.F. Lorson
NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Meant to Be (Meant To Series Book 2) By Lucy Darling

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NOVEMBER 24, 2019 Crossroads (m/m romance) By Riley Hart

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NOVEMBER 23, 2019 Broken Hero By London James

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