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JULY 26, 2020 Storm the Castle (a Marry the Scot novel) By Jolie Vines

A Highlander walks into a bar...My father's conference, to be exact. The Scot is huge, overbearing, and his gaze sets me on fire. He wants to take me home to see his mighty tower.

JULY 25, 2020 Mr. Right: A Texas Hill Country Romance By Barbara Catlin

At 35, Bobbie’s been kissed before, sure.  But never like this....
Practical-minded property developer Roberta Powell finally has to admit her life is, well, lacking something.  No problem, though.  She’ll simply employ her sharply honed career skills to find an appropriate husband: ...

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JULY 25, 2020 Forbidden Doctor By R. S. Elliot

One hot stranger. One night of passion. One huge problem.

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JULY 25, 2020 Can't Tie Me Down!: Romantic Comedy By Janet Elizabeth Henderson

There aren't many jobs available in the tiny village of Arness, Scotland, which is why Mairi Sinclair works online—as a virtual girlfriend. For a weekly fee, she emails, messages and sends photos to desk-bound geeks around the world. Nothing dodgy, mind you, she keeps her clothes on! Mairi loves h...

She's a sassy, smart-mouthed college sophomore. He’s a cocky exchange student from Australia. Falling for him isn’t an option, because when he leaves, where will that leave her?

From USA Today Bestselling Author K Webster, comes a steamy contemporary romance standalone novel!

JULY 24, 2020 Falling For You: A Sweet Small Town Romance By Leeanna Morgan

Fans of Pamela Kelley and Robyn Carr will love this small-town, feel-good romance! After six years of focusing on her career, Natalie Armstrong craves the peace and tranquility that only Sapphire Bay can give her. But returning to her grandparents’ cottage isn’t as easy as she imagined. No one t...

JULY 24, 2020 Perky (The Do-Over Series Book 2) By Julia Kent

AN ALL-NEW STANDALONE FROM NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR JULIA KENT. One hundred years ago when I was young and impulsive (okay, it was five, alright? Five years ago…) I let my boyfriend take, let's just say...compromising pictures of me. (Shut up. It made sense at the time). Surprise! The sle...

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JULY 24, 2020 Forgotten Bodyguard By Nicole York

One rule—don’t touch the assets. Tell that to the saucy young woman I’m guarding. She’s in my face, crazy one minute and begging me for attention the next. Her father’s status and popularity in his run for President of the United States has him worried about his only little girl.

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