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SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 Hot Vegas Nights (The Trifecta Book 1) By Logan Chance

There’s only two rules to being a male stripper in Vegas. #1. Always be attainable. #2. Never fall in love. And I’ve been living by these rules for a very long time. Until the moment, Clara walks into Big Willie’s and wants nothing to do with me.

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Lie. Steal. Maim. Destroy. Do whatever it takes. Except this. I’m breaking the only rule. I’m taking a hostage. But the fiery redhead destroyed my plans and left me no choice. Now all our lives are at risk because of the woman who holds my heart captive. Grace may have started my downfall, but s...

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 Man with Money By Debra J. Falasco

Handsome. Domineering. Passionate...Tyler Murphy is a billionaire, a man with money. This ruthless businessman has everything money can buy except the woman of his dreams. And then she walked into his hotel.

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 Teaching Her Curves: A BBW & Professor Short By Lana Love

One older professor + One shy college coed+ One Unexpected Kiss = One lesson in the power of love. All I wanted was a couple of beers. Instead, a curvy hottie (who happens to be the babe I've been obsessed with all semester) threw herself in my arms and gave me a magical kiss that made clear that sh...

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SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 Sinful Truth (Sinful Truths Book 1) By Ella Miles

She saved me. Pulled me from the depths of the ocean. Siren—her name fits. She is beauty; her voice heavenly. But unlike the mythical version, Siren didn’t lure me to my death. She saved me.

SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 The Gambler By Raquel Belle

David is the alpha of all alphas. Vegas is HIS city. He’s a billionaire. He owns two casinos and runs them like well-oiled machines. His name commands a respect that he’s earned. He’s the best poker player in town and he hates cheaters. So here’s where things get interesting…

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SEPTEMBER 09, 2020 A Billion Reasons By Nikky Kaye

A Billion Reasons is a hot, humorous, full-length, standalone contemporary romance about a demanding billionaire boss and his sassy, young secretary.

One bad boy + One sweet and curvy babe + One wild party = This protective alpha is going to claim the girl he loved in high school. What the hell is a sweet girl like Sabby doing at a wild party like this? When I see an a*hole try to manhandle her, I step in and claim what's mine.

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2020 Romancing the Summer: 10 Sweet Summer Reads By Annie Seaton

Ten gorgeous summer-themed romances from award-winning authors all around the world. Warm and witty, diverse and dramatic, and every one outrageously romantic. Curl up with a cool drink and your favorite treats to enjoy these ten great reads. *Only 99 cents US, or free on Kindle Unlimited*

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2020 Kiss Me Not By Emma Hart

What do you do when you’re the reigning kissing booth champion but the only person you want to kiss is your best friend’s brother? Let me make this clear right here, right now: I, Halley Dawson, do not care that Preston Wright is kissing other women.