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Rule #1: Hide the monster. Every time I walk down the halls of the academy, I’m terrified they’ll discover who I really am. If they do, I’ll never make it back to Mount Olympus so I can finally seek revenge on the god who ruined me. So, note to self: No flashing my scales, no showing my hair a...

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DECEMBER 09, 2019 Zuvok: A SciFi Romance (Brides to Beasts Book 1) By Athena Storm

I am Zuvok the Terror. Feared soldier of the Trident Alliance. And I will not do housework! I relish the fury of combat. I love the adrenaline as I kill my enemies. Blood drips from my hands. Until I go too far. So my commanders send me a foe that I never expected. My bride. A comely, curvy, human w...

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DECEMBER 09, 2019 My Favorite Gift By Sarah J. Brooks

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DECEMBER 09, 2019 Unsolicited Advice (Between the Sheets Book 3) By Melinda Di Lorenzo

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a heart. In print, Heidi Bluthe is known as Miss Anonymous – the queen of confident, snark-laced advice for her weekly column. In person, Heidi Bluthe is plagued by her battle with anxiety – the queen of online food ordering and avoiding public spaces...

DECEMBER 08, 2019 The Eyre Liszt: A Sweet Contemporary Romance By Trisha Messmer

[US + UK] It's like Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast had a baby! A spirited but plain case worker. A surly but talented recluse. Can she save him from himself, or is he destined to remain the beast he appears to be?

Bella Crawford needs a job--like yesterday. She'll do just about anything. Even...

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