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FEBRUARY 01, 2021 The Billionaire Playboy By Christina Tetreault

She's spent her life avoiding love - Charlotte “Charlie” O'Brien, a doctor in the United States Navy, returns to her home in North Salem, Massachusetts to visit her family and make an important decision about her future. Mother Nature has other plans when a hurricane strikes, flooding the town a...

What’s an Olympic gold medallist to do when he’s lost his will to compete? With only three days till training resumes, Connor’s running out of options. Gorgeous reporter Bailey might be the right person to boost his enthusiasm, but can he trust her not to publicize his problem to the world?

Jingle your bells this holiday season with a special festive romance bundle from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

In SNOWED IN WITH THE BILLIONAIRE, an event planner finds that a sexy rockstar client plus an unexpected blizzard equals a very private party... for two!


JANUARY 31, 2021 Winter's Knight (L'Ange Book 4) By Mary Calmes

There is something in the forest around L’Ange that is making the animals nervous. In fact, they are running by Tucker Flynn’s windows at all hours of the night and day and no matter what anyone says, it isn’t normal. Of course, neither is Tucker being stuck on the sprawling grounds of the shi...

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JANUARY 31, 2021 Daddy's Little Wild One By Olivia Fox

With one look at those rose petal lips, luscious curves, and the gun she’s pointing at my forehead from the porch of her treehouse, I’m suddenly not only her captive but completely captivated by her.

I’ll chase away the demons that left scars on her body and mind.

♥ I’ll teach her wh...

JANUARY 31, 2021 Fisher of Men (Eastern Shore Swingers Book 1) By Phoebe Alexander

What happens when a woman must reconcile her faith with her sexuality?

Leah Miller's eyes are opened to a whole new world by Chris "Cap" Sheldon, a charter fishing captain in Ocean City, Maryland. Despite her best efforts not to fall for him, his charm and rugged good looks are too hard to resist...

Price: $2.99
JANUARY 31, 2021 Pretty, Dark and Dirty: A Forbidden Romance By Margot Scott

Some lines should never be crossed, no matter how tempting. Mason Black was once my everything: my father, my provider, my protector. Now I want him to be so much more. My mentor, my lover, my Daddy.

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JANUARY 31, 2021 Not Bored: Elizabeth's Trilogy Book 1 By Aurora Darklight

A carton of ice cream and an infomercial changed my life.
When my best friend agrees to jump into the exciting unknown with me, endless opportunities appear. None of them make my heart flutter until I see him. How can a man make me feel like this?

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JANUARY 31, 2021 Chasing Love: A Billionaire Love Triangle By Kat T.Masen

He was my first love.
Shattered me, then left without a goodbye.
Eight years have passed, and now he’s back.
But, I’m engaged.
And he will do anything to make sure I’m his...again.

I’ve fought hard to rebuild my life. So when the ever-so-perfect Julian Baker proposes marriage, I’m r...

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The Plan: A month in Sweden to jump-start her photojournalism career. Not in the Plan: The hot hockey player who lives across the hall. But an adventure abroad never goes according to plan...right? Especially when the not-in-the-plan guy has a bad reputation.