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One baseball player with a passion for curves + One curvy librarian with a passion for heels + One ball in Vegas = One unforgettable Cinderella story. Other guys, they don't see the beauty in a woman's curves. Me? Can't get enough of them. The Curve Ball is an annual ball in Vegas and it's heaven on...

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2020 High Roller: The Pot isn’t the Money By Beatrice Brae

Braxton - Poker is my game and winning is my pleasure. Until Faith Queen beats me at poker!
This time the pot isn’t the money. It's the curvy queen in front of me. She's sassy, smokin' hot, and betting on winning her heart is the ultimate game. Of Love! Faith - Babysitting high rollers in three-p...

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[US + UK] This boxset includes 33 rough and dominant stories. Some stories are light bdsm fetishes, and the ones in the back are hardcore to the bone. Find your flavor mixed in and be prepared to submit!

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SEPTEMBER 26, 2020 DADDY’S 2 KNIGHTS: A Virgin Princess Short By E. J. Layne

TWO BIG, ROUGH, FORBIDDEN KNIGHTS. ONE UNTOUCHED PRINCESS. ONE BED. The Princess is coming of age. Saved for marriage. Her purity unbroken. She hopes that her fate will be between one of her father’s two bravest warriors. Two big rough knights. Built of steel. Hardened by war.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 The Protecting Her Heart Boxset By Regina Wade

From Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author Regina Wade comes this long awaited bundle. The first nine installments of the Protecting Her Heart series features smokin' hot alpha males and the innocent, curvy heroines that tame their hearts.

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"There's just something so sexy about a man in a nice tailored suit. And when he looked at me with those damn blue eyes, I forgot about everything." Weston - She made me fall in love with her the moment she waltzed into my office. Too bad I have to fire her. Too bad she hates me, because I can't sta...

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 Sturmir's Human Slave: A Scifi Alien Romance By Aya Morningstar

He licks the tears off my face, then throws me in a cage. I shudder at the wet heat of his alien tongue. I’m disgusted, but not because he’s licking me, but because I like it. I wait in the darkness. When will Sturmir come for me? What will he do to me?

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2020 Pleasures of Promise Lake By Marti Shane

Sam thought she’d made it home to Promise Lake—instead, a terrifying bridge collapse plunges her car into the waters, robbing her of her safe haven. She wakes firmly cradled in the powerful arms of Jake—her firm’s newly signed client and her ex’s best friend. Still, whatever feelings she h...

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SEPTEMBER 15, 2020 Rise: A BDSM Romance By Lexie Syrah

Tomorrow, a man will buy me and slip a silver collar over my neck. This is my story. The story of a woman who is willing to trade a year of her life for the freedom to do anything. And the beautiful man that will capture more than my body.

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SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 Checking Every Box: Shy Girl / Alpha Male Romance By Haley Travis

Lists can keep your life in order. They can also point out when a man is absolutely, perfectly right for you.
Heather: I get a little overwhelmed and twitchy sometimes, but my lists hold me together.
I’m going to prove to my boss, who is also my brother, that I can handle more responsibility.