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Why, of all of the new accounts, did I finally have to get a guy who makes me so crazy I can’t think straight? There’s no way a hot billionaire tech guru would be staring at a mousy, big-hipped, slightly shy and nerdy junior PR girl. Right?

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A sinner

Marcello Lastra has always wanted one thing—to be left in peace.
When his estranged brother commits suicide, it’s up to him to take up the leadership mantle within the Famiglia. Thrust into a mob war he wanted no part of, he must secure allies and outsmart his enemies.
A marriage al...

APRIL 08, 2021 Forced Taboo Stories Adults Erotic Bundle By E. J. Layne

[US + UK] Warning: These stories are steamy erotica stories to get you hot and not necessarily romance.
DARK, TABOO & VERY WRONG. It contains: Dirty Billionaire Daddies, Rough Mountain Men, Enemies to Lovers, Dark Bully Romance, Sharing, Multiple Men, Rough Bikers and so much more. Large, possessive...

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Can a tattoo artist keep his hands steady when the girl of his dreams walks in the door? I hadn’t realized there had been a Leah-shaped hole in my life. I needed her before I knew her. I wanted her before I even tasted her. Magic eyes that twinkle with mischief. Soft, milky curves. And a mind as s...

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APRIL 04, 2021 Daddy's JUMBO TABOO 40 Book Bundle By Lill Lacy

[US + UK] The first easy consortium of 40 TABOO books. Quick and dirty, packed with just enough emotion to make every nasty thrust mean something different, read about all the little princesses and brats that get their love or punishment from the perverted, older men of the house in their lives!

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APRIL 02, 2021 Alien Warlord's Mate: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance By Sophia Sebell

He claimed me. He threw me over his shoulder and marked me as his own. A freak accident sends me into the midst of a military camp in an alien world. Immediately, a group of aliens surrounds me and they're literally lining up to ravage me. But before they can touch me, Eldas the Scovein steps in. Gi...

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MARCH 31, 2021 Uninhibited (Elven Harlotry Book 1) By Serena Silverlake

[US Sale] So you want to hear a story? A tale of lovely wenches and fearsome monsters? Of the unmatched depravity of lusty elves? Take a seat by the fire, grab a pint, and let me tell you the chronicle of Katyrynne De Nallare. Now, keep your hands to yourself while I recount the story... Ha! Just ki...

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MARCH 30, 2021 Speed Date: A Why Choose Romance By Stephanie Brother

Seven minutes: Time enough to find out that Nick and Oscar are funny, charming, and sweet. And my twin stepbrothers both have the hots for me.
Matthew has the decency and good sense to know we must not do anything about our mutual attraction, not when we live under the same roof.
Luke’s a swift ...

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MARCH 21, 2021 Daddy's BIG LOAD By Mr. Dom

A BIG 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted...

Includes these stories:

Books 1-16

Massaged at My Desk
My Boyfriend's in the Other Room!
Fun Under the Blankets and...

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[US + UK] This boxset includes 33 rough and dominant stories. Some stories are light bdsm fetishes, and the ones in the back are hardcore to the bone. Find your flavor mixed in and be prepared to submit!

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