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NOVEMBER 19, 2022 Claimed in the Alien Arena By Lizzy Bequin

I’ve been stolen... by mistake!

One minute I’m chilling in my dorm. The next, I’m abducted by aliens and dropped into an arena. Alien creatures. Strange weapons. Cheering spectators.

And an opponent who is seven feet tall — not including his horns.

He looks like he wants to eat me a...

OCTOBER 28, 2022 Halloween Treat: An MMF Halloween Romance By Kristin Lance

Reasons why it’s not my fault demons got summoned to my sister’s Halloween party:
1. I told Agnes not to use our grandmother’s cauldron as a drinks cooler, no matter how nice it looked with the decor.
2. Everyone knows the magical bloodline of the Eastey witches died off with our grandmother...

He left to save lives half a world away. She waited for the one man she always dreamed of. McKenna - I don’t remember the first time I saw Micah “Doc” Masters. Cowboy. Soldier. Doctor. He’s simply always been there— orbiting the outer edges of my world. I’ve loved him forever. Tall. Rugg...

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OCTOBER 01, 2022 Passion in Paradise: A MMMMF Bisexual Romance By Alexa Sommers

[US + UK] Spurred by the recent loss of her long-time boyfriend, Brittnay Jane and her childhood best friend Drake head out to let loose in Paradise. Having spent the last four years, hiding her true desires to please the man she intended to marry, BJ is ready to throw caution to the sea and live th...

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A MEGA 16 book collection of dirty, nasty, forbidden lust between little princesses and the last men in the world who should desire them, even if they are the most devoted... Includes these stories:

Books 129-144

I Seduce Daddy in the Basement at My Own Birthday Party!
I Get Into Trouble With...

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[US + UK] “I’ve been told the shy ones are the worst.”

Don't let June's shy, quiet demeanor fool you. Jason is about to find out just how wild she can really get. Can he handle her transition? Can he give her what she needs?

There is only one way to know for sure and in order to get ther...

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Being the only girl on an all-male fire crew isn't easy. Being blacklisted as a whistle-blower only makes it harder.

This new assignment is my last chance. I've learned from my mistakes. I'm here to work hard and save lives—not get involved.

Then I meet the five sexy firefighters I'll be wor...

He loves me. He loves me not…

…my fate sealed by the petals of a daisy.

She loves me. She loves me not…

…each petal falling to the ground sealing our fate.

Abigail put him in the friend zone ten years ago. She’s regretted it ever since, and after nine years and nine failed shor...

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SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 King of My Pleasure: A Steamy Historical Romance By D.M. Holland

Juniper is the daughter of a rich and selfish man living in the kingdom of Archonia. She has been sheltered all her life, living in near solitude on her family's estate. When Juniper's father finds himself indebted to the king, Juniper is offered to Hector as payment. Suddenly, Juniper finds herself...

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The moment I lay eyes on Shilo, I know she’s a one-of-a-kind. A priceless piece of art that needs to be saved. I’m just the man for the job. Twenty years on the force have taught me a lot. Twenty minutes with Shilo, and I know she’s the one. This girl has a heart of gold, an innocent body, and...

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