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SEPTEMBER 23, 2020 Caring for Her Wounded Rancher By Ava Winters

Rescuing his wounded heart is the only way they can stay together. How can they overcome their past and create the family they deserve? Amelia is a caring girl who wants to work as a nurse. An unexpected fire in the new ranch in town, calls for her help. Nursing back to health the stoic rancher migh...

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 The Mail Order Bride’s Rekindled Hope By Etta Foster

When the past comes knocking on his door in the form of a mail order bride, rekindled flames and redemption will raise the stakes of love.

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2020 Impressing Her Billionaire Cowboy Boss By April Murdock

Chad Bolton is the heir to his father’s ranch. The son his mother is counting on. The one who has to do it all. But he’s a rancher at heart. A cowboy. Spending his days in a corporate office isn’t for him. In fact, the thought that most every day from now on will be spent indoors is depressing...

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SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 Nothing But Trouble (Credence, Colorado Book 1) By Amy Andrews

For five years, Cecilia Morgan’s entire existence has revolved around playing personal assistant to self-centered former NFL quarterback Wade Carter. But just when she finally gives her notice, his father’s health fails, and Wade whisks her back to his hometown. CC will stay for his dad—for no...

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2020 South of Forever By Lynda J Cox

Allison Webster dreams of having an adventure like the characters in the books she loves. But there is no romance in being pursued by a man who wants her dead for educating the children of former slaves. Unlike the heroines she reads about she doesn't have a trusty companion to rescue her...until sh...

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 The Unwanted Bride And Her Protective Rancher By Ember Pierce

Jane Blanchard is well-educated shy girl from New York. She recently lost both of her parents from cholera, but she wasn’t able to be there for them, at the end because of her work at the factory. She feels guilty about that, but also feels like there’s nowhere for her anymore.

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SEPTEMBER 08, 2020 Taming Him (Bishop Brothers Book 1) By Kennedy Fox

He's sexy, charming and has a panty-melting smirk. She's swearing off men. Two weeks on the beach is what they both need. No strings attached, no expectations, no broken hearts.

Exhausted by the futility of her efforts against the city’s endemic problems and the revolving door of violence in her Chicago emergency room, Dr. Miranda Campbell came home to Wishful, where she knew she could make a real difference in people's lives. Between her clinic, a rotation in the hospita...

He offered me a place to stay. And I made the worst decision of my life. He’s a cowboy billionaire. And we used to be high school sweethearts.

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AUGUST 31, 2020 Widow Woman By Patricia McLinn

1880s Wyoming Territory-- As strong as the ranch she runs, widow Rachel Terhune has one dream—to fulfill the legacy she inherited from her father. Hiring Texas cowboy Nick Dusaq has nothing to do with the fierce pull between them and everything to do with saving her land.

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