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It was supposed to be a simple personal security job. But Ashley was so sexy and innocent that my need to care for her was far more than professional.

She was sunshine and warmth and everything I truly desired. She felt like… home.

Our chemistry was scorching hot. Ashley used any excuse for ...

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Forbidden love has never been hotter...

Jasmine -
I'm spending a week at my family's beach house. Nothing but sea, sand, and a bit of work to catch up on. Just my usual getaway from the city's hustle and bustle. Or so I thought… until I catch my big, buff, tatted, silver fox neighbor stark na...

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[US + UK] She's the daughter of my ex-military buddy, scared, and in need of protection. When a stalker threatens to take her life, I could lose my sweet girl before I ever get the chance to make her mine.


When Allie is plagued by a violent stalker, her dad’s best friend, Duke, promises ...

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He’s never leaving this town. She can’t stay. One night could change everything.

There are a lot of hot, single guys in this town. And not so many women.

It’s the perfect place to launch my matchmaking business.

But when I go undercover as a delivery person, I don’t expect one of th...


I'm being cut from the family will...unless I can secure a bride ASAP.

And there's only one woman I want to spend forever with.

Zoe, the curvy waitress and single mom who greets me for every meal at the diner.


Ever since Mom passed I've been totally independent and doing a ...

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One bad boy with a chip on his shoulder + One curvy beauty he thought he was over + Her grandma needs protection = A scorching second-chance romance!

My brother's best friend. The rugged lumberjack. The sinful temptation I never knew I craved.

A decade ago, Jack barely registered on my teenage radar. Now, with my high school reunion looming and transportation plans gone awry, he’s my unexpected knight, driving a truck that rumbles as deeply ...


Hockey is all I have ever been good at. Well, that and hurting people. They go hand in hand of course, but I tend to hurt people on and off the ice. Off the ice I keep my distance from people I will just wind up hurting. It makes for a lonely life, sure, but it is a life I made for myself.

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The sexiest man I've ever met is Dad's old friend? This might get tricky.

Dad had mentioned Warrick Cedar, his high school buddy turned wealthy inventor. I was instantly drawn to the slightly scruffy, absent-minded man. He was odd in the most exciting ways.

A slight makeover turned him from ko...

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FEBRUARY 28, 2024 Big Biker (Big Boys) By Cassie Mint

I’m used to princes and stockbrokers. The ruthless elite.

But it’s the burly biker who catches my eye.

All my life, I’ve been a pawn in my family’s games. But this is a new low--an engagement to the son of my father’s business rival.

It’s not a marriage, it’s a freaking merger...