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The first time I met Vivi, I saved her life. I own her apartment, the building, hell, the whole block. Now I need to possess the curvy redhead. Her innocence is the only thing in danger around me.

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There are things that just shouldn’t happen—like me being in love with my sister’s best friend. Still, that didn't stop me from spending our childhood telling her just that. Of course, she doesn't believe me. I'm just the annoying guy she’s known all her life. But then she begged...

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One curvy beauty + One hunky fireman + One blind cat stuck in a tree = Five-Alarm Romance! I've given up dating, because women freak out over the reality of me running into infernos. But when a woman's rescue cat gets stuck up a tree and she calls us for help, I know I have to take a chance with thi...

I’ve been obsessed with him for as long as I can remember. There are so many rumors about him that it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction. He only sleeps four hours a night. He spends more time on the company jet than he does on the ground. His work ethic is almost as big as his…endowment.

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Nash is a possessive older man who knows what he wants! And right now, what he wants is his best friend’s curvy, innocent little sister! No cliffhangers, wipeouts, or cheating to be found here. Just a quick and steamy ride on a tropical paradise.

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Who knew investigating a murder could change your life forever? Twelve years ago, Molly Bellisario left Greywood behind. Not just that, but she left her best friend, Holly Bradford, and broke her heart. Molly is back in town. She convinces herself she’s only here to sign Harold Cronunberg, Greywoo...

One tattooed bad boy + The curvy babe who got away = One sizzling reunion! Going to my high school reunion is not normally be something I'd even consider. But. I'll put my business empire on hold, just for the chance to see Terri again. Curvy Terri was the only thing (aside from Biology class) that ...

I may be a Prince, but I'm no Prince Charming. One doesn't expect to meet the Cinderella of his dreams in an elevator. I'm disheveled, hangover and in a bad mood when this Curvy Cinderella walks in. She's hot, curvy and feisty. Delicious! Five minutes later she has a ring on her finger and the entir...

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In uniform or out, I live by my own set of rules. I work hard, I play hard. And I always get my mark. When Maddie walks into my station, I know I’m going to get her, too. Sweet and innocent aren’t usually my thing. She needs my help, and I’m going to give it to her

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MAY 03, 2020 Deep Wood: A Mountain Daddy Romance By Margot Scott

My old buddy’s gone and thrown me a curveball: the nymph with the ass that won’t quit? That’s his eighteen-year-old little girl. She’s running from something, but I’m not about to let anyone lay a finger on this green-eyed angel.