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Can this small-town hero convince his best friend that they are meant to be more? He’ll break every rule in the book to convince her that she’s his, in this friends to lovers romance.

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Working for one of the richest, and most controlling men to ever grace the cover of Forbes, I should have known my smart mouth would get me in trouble. I just didn't know how much, once I caught the billionaire's eye.

West St. Vincent
It was lust at first sight for me, and hate at first sight fo...

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I might be making the biggest mistake of my life. But I didn’t care. I was doing it anyway.

My father demanded I quit nursing school because women are only good for cleaning, cooking, and making babies. Instead, an hour later I walked into a biker-owned tattoo shop and walked out with a ...


They say small town life is uneventful. I’m not sure who “they” are, but they’ve never seen Van Michaels. He and his friends, all over the top, muscle-bound and mysterious, strut down the street across from my office every day, driving everybody crazy. My boss wants him as a client,...

JULY 18, 2021 Legacy (While the Gods Slumber) By Yancy Ball

Nandi has a second chance to build a future with her lover. But to take it, she will have to risk everything.

Nandi is a gentle young widow whose only joys are teaching and being with her lover, Dumisane. Their torrid affair is a flower that blooms only twice a year, during the few days that he v...

He’s a bounty hunter on a mission. She’s running from her past. Can this older mountain man help an innocent woman in need?


With a name like Bear, I don’t have to explain to people how I can be.
But when I find a woman lost and cold in the woods, my protective instincts go into o...

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I’m the good girl.
I work hard, go home for lunch on Sunday, and never, ever forget myself in the back of a town car with a taciturn billionaire lawyer who just happens to be the best man to my maid of honor.
Yep, that didn’t happen, and even if it did… it doesn’t matter, because I’...

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JULY 17, 2021 Sweet As Pie By Rory Reynolds

It all started with a pie baking contest.

Amy’s Bakery had won every year for twenty years. My mother never lost and when I took over the bakery I continued the winning streak until Leanne and Sprinkled With Sugar came along. Her apple pie blew my cherry pie out of the water that first year and...

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From the second I fumbled a handshake into a hug, I knew that Dad’s money guy was the hottest man I would ever meet.

The connection was instant. Stepping into Reed’s arms was a revelation. Sharing energy with my massage clients was pleasant, but Reed’s powerful energy set my soul on fire.

JULY 17, 2021 Dive (Reaching for the Gold Book 1) By Heather Dahlgren

This is my chance. A dream come true. I’m going to the Olympic games and I’m determined to win the gold. Nothing is going to stand in my way. That is until my coach tells me of an elaborate plan. Pretend to be dating the gold medal-winning, swimming playboy himself - Noah Adams.
It’s public...

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