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FEBRUARY 27, 2024 Sweet Surprise By C.M. Steele

When Amelia arrives at work, she doesn’t expect anyone but the owner of Sweetheart’s Treats Bakery to be there. However, the sexy man in the kitchen is definitely not Carly. As the daughter of the sheriff, I call the cops like I’ve been trained to do. Running would be another, especially when ...

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Joe's always had a special affection for his boss's talkative daughter. But now it's either love her or lose her...

Something’s dimmed Nira’s smile. When I press her, she says some guy doesn’t love her back, and she needs a fresh start. What idiot could refuse Nira’s heart? As head o...

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FEBRUARY 25, 2024 Mason The Mountain Man: An Insta-Love Romance By Raven Moon

When you wander like me, you deal with your fair share of assholes.
And this little mountain town has a special group of idiots that call it home.
A vicious biker gang that can't help but stir up trouble with the new girl in town.
But the mountain is home to someone else... someone who's had his ...

Billionaire Marcus wanted more, so much more. Meeting her on the beach and the incredible one night stand that followed had taken hold of his sanity. He had to find her. He needed her in his life and in his bed.

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I thought I’d moved on from my obsessive teenage infatuation with Lorcan O’Connor, even though I’ve never met anyone hotter than him. But when a traumatic incident brings me back into his life, I realize my heart has never let go. However, Lorcan is still way older than me and my brother’s b...

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FEBRUARY 22, 2024 Teased by my Roommate: Instalove Romance By Haley Travis

When I ran away to another city to rebuild my life on my own, I moved into a loft with two roommates. One was rarely there, and the other sublet their room to a weird, cocky tattoo artist named Hawk. A breathtaking, sexy man who was so gorgeous that I could barely look him in the eyes, much less...w...

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With high school graduation looming, all I want to do is spend the summer with Hunter before we head off to college in the fall. For him, football is king and I'm his queen. He shows me a thousand different ways each and every day. Sometimes I worry that our love won’t be enough to keep us togethe...

I’m happily retired from the force, but when an old friend is undergoing relentless attacks, I can't just stand by and do nothing.

I will protect her or die trying.

With success comes challenges but Taylor doesn’t deserve this.
I must keep her close to me but my desire for her is about...

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FEBRUARY 18, 2024 Nathan the Mountain Man: An Insta-Love Romance By Raven Moon

If you had told me last week that I’d soon be harboring a wanted man, I would have laughed.
But I couldn’t have known what I’d feel when I stumbled upon Nathan Fields.
I found him bleeding out on the side of the road, begging not to be taken to a hospital.
What are the odds that the woman w...

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My innocence is up for auction, sold to the highest bidder.

The man in the shadows bids an outrageous amount to buy me and pay my father's debts. But when he carries me off the stage, the enforcers stop him, weapons drawn.

“You have to take her here. With everyone watching.”

The only w...

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