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I signed up for one, and guess how many I got?- SIX. Alright, girl. Now, keep calm.They might be flirty, wild and irresistible, but they are still the Dads of the seven kids I now babysit.What kids? You ask.Sorry. Allow me to start over.When I applied for the position for a nanny, I was for real.I...

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Most people love Atlanta, but Diamond isn’t most people. The first chance she got, she left Atlanta behind to live her best college life in Maryland, but the past has a way of showing upuninvited-rude as hell-when you least expect it. What is supposed to be a long overdue, yet quick trip home for th...

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DECEMBER 29, 2019 Holidays in Manhattan (The McKinnon Brothers Book 5) By Jennifer Gracen

They didn’t believe in holiday magic… until it happens to them.Anna McKinnon is a free spirit. As a bartender in New York City, she answers to no one, keeps what she calls “vampire hours” – and likes it that way. She secretly wishes to find real love, the forever kind her brothers have all found. Bu...

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DECEMBER 29, 2019 Christmas Anthology By Tayla Alexandra, Dyanne Gordon Green, Sharon Sue Thorn, Remi Carrington, Bree Livingston, Lara Wynter

Six romance-filled Christmas short stories just in time for the holiday at a price that can't be beat. Discover a new author or see what one of your favorites has been writing as you devour these tales while eating a snowman sugar cookie and drinking hot tea by the light of a Christmas tree.

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DECEMBER 28, 2019 The Snow Man By Diana Palmer

Previously published in Christmas with My Cowboy Colorado winters are rugged and cold, but there’s nothing warmer than a cowboy’s tender kiss to ignite the spirit of the season . . . Meadow Dawson needs Santa to deliver a solution to her management of the enormous Colorado ranch she’s inherited. You...

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I’ll just admit it right up front—I don’t love the holidays. In fact, Christmas makes me downright cranky. Call me the Grinch if you must, but if your dad chose that day to decide he was wrong about that whole wanting a family thing, you’d grow up miffed about mistletoe too. Every candy cane, ug...

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DECEMBER 26, 2019 Small Town Christmas (Serendipity, Indiana Book 1) By Magdalena Scott

~*~Melissa and her son need a new start. Jim wants a second chance. The past can ruin their future...or make it magical.~*~Single mom Melissa is moving back to Serendipity, Indiana to raise her young son and run her new business, in spite of a painful past and the fact that the man who broke her hea...

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DECEMBER 26, 2019 This Christmas By Delphine Publications

THIS CHRISTMAS it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or if you've been nice. Step out of the cold and into the world of sexy neighborhoods, tempting boardrooms, hot clubs, and kinky mansions. From steamy forbidden office romances to titillating second chances at love, these authors have penned...

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DECEMBER 25, 2019 Three Shifter Christmas: Shifter Holiday Romance By Ariana Hawkes

Curvy Megan Rowe and the orphaned triplets she’s looking after are on their way to their relatives’ house for Christmas, when they get stuck in a blizzard. Sexy tiger shifter Jason comes to their rescue, offering a roof for the night. But conflicts arise between him and his housemates Sandor, a big-...

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DECEMBER 25, 2019 Christmas in the City By L.J. Shen, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Helena Hunting, Corinne Michaels, Melanie Harlow, Kennedy Ryan, Penny Reid, Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen, LH Cosway, Sierra Simone

Twelve bestselling authors have come together to brighten your holiday with six ALL NEW co-written novels. Travel through six cities and fall in love with these enchanting love stories. Helena Hunting & L.J. ShenJust The Tip It’s not every day you meet a stranger who knows how to jingle your bells…C...

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